My Interview Podcast

I had bought a great microphone (a Samson usb c03u) to record the podcast of my novel. Once that was done, I wondered what else I could do with the mic. I embarked on an interview podcast. While I was promoting Grey, my publisher (NightShade Books) sent me on a 20 city radio tour and I got to see interviews from the other side. Some of the shows and the hosts were terrific. Some weren’t. And frankly, sometimes, I was a good guest and sometimes I wasn’t.

So, I started my own. I’d heard the phrase if you’re just joining us often and used it as my title. I called several friends and was on my way.

However recording both sides of a long-distance conversation proved the biggest hurdle. In the beginning I struggled with a RadioShack phone mic, Skype, Gizmo and all sorts of editing, praying, and profanity.

Over time I’ve learned some tricks to getting good sound. Gradually, I added more music to give it more of a This American Life feel, but for 2010, I think I might be heading in a new direction.

Again, the show is called If You’re Just Joining Us. Click to subscribe in iTunes. And please, write some reviews people!

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iPhone Puzzle Game: Mondrian

My brother and I formed a company to make iPhone games. We named it FuzziTail. Our first is a puzzle game called Mondrian. (There’s a facebook page if you need hints!)

What is it?

We’ve got a lot of great press, but there are critics too. Noted critic Vanderfield Clausen hates the new Mondrian themed iPhone puzzle game.

Here’s a review from iTunes:

5 ****** A masterpiece

Challenging and unique puzzles is what the iDevices are all about and Mondrian does not dissapoint. First, it has an exquisite presentation based on the artist’s style. Mondrian himself guides you through the toughest puzzles, even helping you out when stuck. The levels themselves are quite hard, but the joy you derive when solving one, is of the highest caliber. As others have stated, you will probably have a hard time solving them all, but it’s completly worth it. Give it a try and get ready to embark in one of the most challenging journeys on the iDevice.