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May 02, 2007

More Radio Dates

4/24-10:30-10:40 AM EST-Regional IL-WQUB-FM
With Jim Lenz

4/25-9:30-9:40 AM EST-Indianapolis-Metro Networks
With John Mayor

4/27-9:50-10:00 AM EST -Columbia-KRES-FM
With Stephanie Ross

4/27-10:40-10:50 AM EST -Cleveland-WEOL-AM
With Larry Wright

4/27-11:40-11:50 AM EST -Spokane-KPQ-AM
With Ken Johanneson

5/1-7:35-7:45 AM EST-Gainesville-WOCA-AM
With Larry Whitler

5/1-7:05-7:15 AM EST-Hartford-WXLM
With Lee Elci

5/1-7:35-7:45 AM EST-Gainesville-WOCA-AM
With Larry Whitler

5/1-8:10-8:25 AM EST-Fort Myers, FL-WOLZ-FM
With Rick McGee

5/2-9:35-9:45 AM EST-Omaha-KFAB-AM
With Jim Rose and Gary Sadelmyer

5/2-11:00-11:15 AM EST-Detroit-WVMV-FM
With Alexander Zonjic & Madison Leigh

5/2-12:20-12:30 PM EST-Seattle-KMPS-FM
With Randy and Ichabod

The Joey Reynolds Show

5/4-9:10-9:20 AM EST-Tampa-WPCV-FM
With Roger and Tom

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