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August 14, 2006

About Grey

In the mid 22nd Century, Michael Rivers is the heir apparent to the wealthiest family in the world. His father has arranged his marriage to another wealthy scion, Nora. Fortunately, Michael and Nora are a perfect fit. They share a disdain for the excessively public life they must lead (their first dates are huge, public affairs where they are surrounded by the press and fans), and a desire to return to more simpler, pared down times (both are obsessed with the color grey).

It seems as though Michael has found a partner in his wish to escape from his life of forced exhibitionalism…until things go terribly wrong on their last date. A gunman attacks Michael and Nora, seemingly at random. Their marriage is called off; Michael’s company is about to go out of business. Michael decides to uncover who exactly was trying to kill him . . . even if it means digging up the truth behind his own fame and fortune.

Posted by Jon at August 14, 2006 04:24 PM