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I was nominated for the John W. Campbell Best New Writer Award!

Grey was shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick Award!

"Armstrong's vision of the future isn't far removed from our obsession with "American Idol," "America's Next Top Model" and the romantic and rehabilitative antics of Britney, Lindsay and Paris. There are touches of early Kurt Vonnegut and Anthony Burgess in this novel, but "Grey" follows its own well-conceived satirical strategy." San Francisco Chronicle

"Equal parts ill-fated love story á la Romeo and Juliet, poignant coming-of-age tale, and disturbingly provocative glimpse into humanity's future, Armstrong's debut is simply unforgettable -- nothing short of a science fiction masterwork. A Clockwork Orange for the 21st century." Barnes and Noble Spotlight Feature

"A Romeo-and-Juliet tale of star-crossed lovers and their conflicted families plays out against a futuristic backdrop shaped by outrageous fashion trends..." Publishers Weekly

"A dazzling trip through a world alternately glamorous and grimy, set in a crumbling but media-saturated future, with eyeball-kicks galore." Locus Magazine

"This book is funny, gross, witty, crass, weird, beautiful, bizarre, and bloody: ergo--cool!" Yet Another Book Review Site

"I couldn't put the book down. This book will hook you early and drag you straight through to the end. Definitely a fun read." Douglas Lain, author of Last Week's Apocalypse

"A Clockwork Orange meets American Psycho meets Tank Girl." Book Stud

"...like a postcyberpunk Bret Easton Ellis." Chris Nakashim-Brown

"Celebrity worship, reality television, high fashion and corporate sociopathy all take a hit. I love a good tear-down of pop culture." BlurredEdge

"If you enjoy or, better yet, prefer a more literary than commercial read and you can appreciate a satirical stab at not only the fashionable elite of entertainment but a subtle yet obvious social comment on the general public and its destructive nature, then give Grey a read; it will not disappoint you." Book Opinions

"This is both an instant classic of post-genre literature, & an outrageous parody of it. It's Shakespeare on acid with tones of Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, spiced with tones of Gibson, Sterling, Neal Stephenson, and a crazed graphic artist who creates all the artwork with words alone, & quite an original work."
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