My Interview Podcast

I had bought a great microphone (a Samson usb c03u) to record the podcast of my novel. Once that was done, I wondered what else I could do with the mic. I embarked on an interview podcast. While I was promoting Grey, my publisher (NightShade Books) sent me on a 20 city radio tour and I got to see interviews from the other side. Some of the shows and the hosts were terrific. Some weren’t. And frankly, sometimes, I was a good guest and sometimes I wasn’t.

So, I started my own. I’d heard the phrase if you’re just joining us often and used it as my title. I called several friends and was on my way.

However recording both sides of a long-distance conversation proved the biggest hurdle. In the beginning I struggled with a RadioShack phone mic, Skype, Gizmo and all sorts of editing, praying, and profanity.

Over time I’ve learned some tricks to getting good sound. Gradually, I added more music to give it more of a This American Life feel, but for 2010, I think I might be heading in a new direction.

Again, the show is called If You’re Just Joining Us. Click to subscribe in iTunes. And please, write some reviews people!

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